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When theaters, concerts, sporting events, and other types of venues have a need to fill the unsold tickets to shows, concerts, sporting events and more, they come to FILLASEAT and offer the tickets to our members…for FREE!!! Whether you like to go out all the time, once a week, or once a month, join FILLASEAT in your city and once you’ve attended one event, you’re more than paid for your membership. In 2017, FILLASEAT went over 100,000 members nationally, offered over 60,000 performances, and over $50,000,000.00 worth of tickets!

FILLASEAT is the vision of ticketing veteran Ryan Lew. With his 28 years experience in ticket sales, Ryan Lew has worked at such places as the Thomas and Mack Center, MGM Grand Garden Arena, and the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Recognizing a need for a service to assist venues with a secure way to “pack the house”, FILLASEAT was launched in November of 2009 in Las Vegas. Now, seven years later, FILLASEAT is located in 7 cities!

Company News

• FILLASEAT celebrates 7 year anniversary

Posted: 11/1/2016

Fillaseat, "America’s Seat Filler" is 7! With 7 locations across the US, Fillaseat continues to grow and work with more and more venues. Our members love what we offer and for some, Fillaseat is the difference between having a "social" life or not.

Contacting Us

For best service if you have a QUESTION or COMMENT and would like to reach us, please click on the city you are inquiring about. Once there click CONTACT.

"I Love FILLASEAT. I can't imagine not ever being a member! Thanks again for your work and dedication in getting these offers together for us to enjoy." J.J.